The reason I left Tumblr..

Tumblr is so toxic. It’s just a fucking high school stomping ground for pathetic, sad, lonely little people who’re given the anonymous option and take it as an excuse to bully people. I know so many people who’ve been seriously affected by nasty things that nasty, sad souls say to the anonymously – it’s even starting to bug the shit out of me and I have some of the thickest skin I’ve come across. Seeing way too much hate on my dash, seeing entire blogs dedicated to ‘burning’ people, the same people people messaging me every day spreading rumours, lies & trying to make me hate myself. Sort your shit out, it’s embarrassing.  – By Daisy Lola (


People make mistakes.

My niece’s friend is around 13-14 years old. She had a ‘thing’ with this guy, but he used her and pretty much screwed her over and now she’s getting a lot of shit for it, being called a slag etc. (I went through the same kind of thing when I was fifteen)

Seriously, what is with kids these days?! People make mistakes.

When you’re growing up, your parents tell you that you make mistakes and you just have to deal with it, and it gets better. And you know what, they’re right. Everyone makes bad choices, everyone does things that they regret. Is that any reason to put them down anymore?

If we didn’t make bad decisions and occasionally do the wrong thing, we wouldn’t learn. And is being naive really the way to go through life? I don’t think so.